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Bob Johnson, Cathy Johnson, and Kaffe Magnum Opus, Bob and Cathy


P6110023.JPG (195585 bytes)

Bob at 10th wedding anniversary in North Carolina, around Ashville.

fork_in_road.jpg (372323 bytes)

Taking a picture and wondering, 'now which was Florida?

I've been in the coffee business since the first SCAA convention in Seattle in 1991.  I can still taste my first iced latte.  It was a life changing experience and I bet one that many of you entrepreneurs share.

I'm still 61, and will be when I finish this first leg of the ride in either Fort Meyers or Key West.

My children are grown and married and have children of their own. 


Cathy and I have been together since September 30, 1986 when we met on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk while walking and riding.  (Actually we had seen each other and been introduced at a public meeting and it was instant connections.  We both took a step back and I can tell you it was electric.)  We were married since June 11, 1996 in the Pinelands at Battsto Village, New Jersey.  If you go the link you will see the Post Office there and a tree where we were married.  It was the best day and the best thing that ever happened to Bob.

Cathy will be piloting the motor home.


Jennifer Timon-Johnson, my daughter, is 38 and is an Executive Producer on CBS's Cold Case.  Jenn's husband Jeff is an accomplished writer too, and their daughter Ingrid is on her way to becoming the first bilingual grandchild at the age of 18 months.dorothyhamil.JPG (29358 bytes)  This is Jennifer ice skating.jenninkitchenn.JPG (18417 bytes) And Cooking.

Paul, my son is 36 and has his own business, Meadowview Landscaping.  He has a terrific wife, Michelle and four children, all adventurers.  Maggie is 13, Jack is 10, Marli is 9 and Luke Robert is 6.

PC150020.JPG (194771 bytes)

This is Paul building his home.

P1010105.JPG (196836 bytes)

The warmest smile in the world.  And he's up there.

P1010128.JPG (203690 bytes)

This is at least 35 feet up.  I can't imagine doing this, but his gene's are good.


I'm a happy Dad and Granddad and husband.



Kaffe Magnum Opus

This is the coffee business that I founded and has been roasting since 1992.  It has many cafe and coffee house customers and I hope over the next several years to visit with all of them.  By bike. 

I'll have some information with me and should you wish to get more you can call 800-652-5282 or write to Al Caltabiano.




This site is sponsored by Kaffe Magnum Opus, the coffee roaster.  To contact Bob please call his cell 609-247-9683 or e-mail bob@gtc3.com or bob@kmocoffee.com.  Or call the office at 800-652-5282 and the folks there will find me.