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It was interesting to see that the first store I stopped at, Book Bin, referred me to the Yellow Duck, and while at the Yellow Duck in walks the owner of The Bear and Cub to buy muffins (see Yellow Duck)

A Cautionary Word about Coffee Roaster Selection

Local is nice, but what you need is fast, accurate delivery of your order.  It does not have to be local to get this.  (and I do have something to gain here I admit).  Local roaster can compete with you and will know your business as well as you.  Not good.

In the Eastern Shore there are lots of chicken hatcheries.  So I'm certain, if you will permit me this aside,  you all know "not to put all your eggs in one basket".

All roasters are not the same.  Experience is a must.  And back up is helpful.  So if the roasting machine burns down the building, you have a place to go to fast.

Many new local roasters do not have the products that you need.  Lots of variety, organics, decafs, flavors, fair trade and much more (my advertisement is that Kaffe Magnum Opus, www.kmocoffee.com  has more items than any other roaster  - why? - because we have been giving stores who are customers what they ask for for 20 odd years)

Itis good to help local business, but be sure you are not hurting or limiting yourself at the same time.



This site is sponsored by Kaffe Magnum Opus, the coffee roaster.  To contact Bob please call his cell 609-247-9683 or e-mail bob@gtc3.com or bob@kmocoffee.com.  Or call the office at 800-652-5282 and the folks there will find me.