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This Rides for You And a Bit More

In Living rm at desk.JPG (1035256 bytes)  This is Paul in South Pasadena, a place he bought ten years or so ago, one bedroom condo with a view.  Computer in the background that crashed this past weekend.  They do crash, but he had a separate (I still spell this word with the a rat) drive with the data backed  up.

Contact Paul Johnson directly.  Or Call him: 626 403 5639 in Pasadena.

Hey Paul.  Keep it up and I'll have to ride not only the East Coast and around the country, but Canada Europe and South America.  I guess around the planet would be about the equivalent of what you did with your life.  Not that I'm competing.  I'm not, for no one can sit in your shoes bro'. 

Since retiring from the Internal Revenue Service where he served in many capacities, he is working a bit for Kaffe Magnum Opus by internet, doing cash control work.  And he is managing the condo complex in which he resides.  And he is amassing a movie collection that is second to none.  Name a movie and he can tell you who what and where without pause.  

I like to visit because its the only place I know of where you get ice cream for breakfast.  His doctors said, incredulously, "no fruits and vegetables?".  Paul replied, "never".  He never got a hankering to eat what we define as well.  His daily meal is Breakfast of a Banguet Salisbury Steak, nuked, and an ice cream bar.  Lunch is a roast beef sandwich, Paul knows his roast beef, and dinner is something light.  Like a slice of bread with roast beef, or if we are together, a steak.  With the movie he might eat a pretzel or two and those red candy twists that stretch as you bit and pull on them.  Go Paul.  If I ate like him I would not be on this ride trying to lose some weight.

Paul has had his share challenges.  I've always wanted him to write a book or do a film about his life and how he managed the details of every day living.  He lived alone, mostly, got up very early, got out of bed into his chair, no easy task, got in the shower, no easy feat, showered using things he designed, got out of the shower, shaved, dressed, ate a very little, wheeled down to the car, somehow got out of the chair and into the car, and then had to lift the chair into the car after him, drove to work, reversed it all, finished work, did it again, and did it again at home.  There is no one I know who has the energy to do that every date for 55 years.  Now add going out to a movie, or to the stores or whatever, and you begin to get the idea.  But Paul did it like it was meant to be, he accepted it, and did it.  It was his normal.

We threw a big surprise 40th birthday for Paul in California at a hotel where all his brothers and sisters dressed up like gorilla's, the scarecrow of Wizard of Oz fame and you get the picture.  The gorilla welcomed Paul and other guests into the hotel and he had no idea.  The family dressed up in costumes rented in Hollywood, paraded around the hotel lobby doing all kinds of funny things, then finally all sat down with Paul, and still he didn't know what was up.  He turned to his friend Allen and said "they" (meaning clowns like us) always come over to him, which they do because of who he is.  Then I took the gorilla hat off, and Paul nonchalantly says to Allen, "Allen, its Bob".  I'll never forget it.  Like it was normal.  But the point is, later Paul turned to me and said "Bob, I beat all of them, no one thought I'd live this long".  I guess he's right.

He now drives and pushes at home and drives an electric chair to the local stores and parks and doc's.  He takes the bus with a lift.  He has his own driver to the airport, buys three seats across or goes first class.  He stays up late, and now get up around 8 am.  He has a good life with some very good friend s, like Neal.

How did he do it?  Why do so many not do it?  Our family and I have had our share of tough times what with people dying when they should not.  All of it a long time ago, and  it never leaves you.  But when I now look back, my brother Paul was the biggest hurt of all.  It never did and still does not seem like a load a human can handle.  But he did.  So when the going gets tough, think of Paul.  And don't take no for answer, and mostly, hang out with the people who say "how would you like it done" and avoid the advice to do this before you do that.  Like on this ride, many of my friends told me to get a physical, get a stress test  - it was stressful just thinking about all the things these well meaning people wanted me to do. (With the exception of my wife Cathy, who always has my interest first - so I had a physical).  But I did not do any of it.  I got on the bike and started peddling.  Remember folks, you don't have to eat Broccoli, although I do and I like it with mustard.  But you don't have to eat it.  Just ask Paul.

Yeah, and ice cream for breakfast is ok too.







This site is sponsored by Kaffe Magnum Opus, the coffee roaster.  To contact Bob please call his cell 609-247-9683 or e-mail or  Or call the office at 800-652-5282 and the folks there will find me.