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Service is their Business

Friday October 19, 2007 was a telling day.  I left Titusville where in only one spot did I get good service with a smile and conversation.  But the Kangaro's Service Stations with the food marts were exceptional.  At the first 30 ish lady was training a young man who was clearly having fun and owned a catching smile.  This was the store I needed badly while riding.  And the location where I became aware of encroaching dehydration and solved it with two large cold bottles of water and honey buns.  So I was felling grateful and now happy again.  But the service here was just incredible.  These folks were wearing yellow shirts and so it might be shell or another brand, not sure in hindsight, but it makes not difference.  If I were a local I'd shop there.

Shortly I ran out of cold water and stopped again and was darn near assaulted with smiles and "how ya doin" from the staff.  Here I was feeling much better and had decided to fix the mirror I had broken on the first morning in Florida.  I had backed the rig into my bike and knocked it down, soon after replying to Cathy's warning that the bike was behind me, 'I know".  Like a bit of a fool I latter complained that I knew the bike was behind me, what I needed to know then was that I was about to hit it, not that it was behind me.  Well I hope you see the humor in this.  Meanwhile in the Kangaroo, the black and red shirts were virtually making my day easier and easier "tape?, we have scotch tape at the end of this isle, and duct tape at the end of this isle and around the corner in the other isle is electrician's tape" the lady with confidence and a smile said.  I found the duct tape and after a bit left telling them it was fantastic service.  I didn't tell them the story, but I'm beginning to see why down here the 'convenience stores' are very stiff competition.  They want customers.

And they want the customers coming back time and again.  And they advertise 'Clean Restrooms". 

So coffee people, lets learn what we can from the service stations "Take Down that Sign Mr. and Mrs. Coffee House Owner", to steal and paraphrase President Reagan's remark to Mr. Gorbachev about the seemingly impenetrable Berlin Wall.   Let us advertise and promote clean restrooms without qualification that they cost a cup of coffee.




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