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Krysti's Koffee and Smoothies

This is a nice shop on US 1 in Titusville.  Christine, the owner with her husband Brent, is excited about her store, her products, and has customers entering and saying "where are we going today".  US 1 at this point is one way South, where Krysti's is located and one way North separate by the buildings.  Christine has a good, high, easy to read sign, a web site, a truck with her information on it, which is something not mentioned to this point.  This is an opportunity to do some really good advertising for all of us, and I rarely see it.  Our computer person, Ed Christy, before he moved to Florida, had his car painted professional with Computer Tutor, and his business skyrocketed.  This is a great idea and I ask that you see the log for October 19, 2007 where I put some more flesh on that bone.

My concern with Southern and now Florida coffee bars is that no one is selling whole bean flavored coffee.  Some are doing it very small, with frac packs or 12 once but with severely limited menu's, i.e. list of flavored coffee.  I don't understand this.  Sure it is what  you want to do as a retailers, but success in business is giving customers what they want, whether you like the product or not.  I'm not at all being critical of Krysti's on this point, as  you all know, I feel this very strongly and I'm concerned that the SCAA and The Roasters Guild have and many roasters who align with these fine groups, have gotten too far off the mark.  Syrups do not travel well.  Get the beans.

If you are totally happy with your sales and profits and by extension  your vacation, house, car, medical insurance and savings for retirement, then don't bother.  But if you are not happy on all these counts, think again about your business plan.  Is it customer driven or product driven.


IMGA0397.JPG (117620 bytes)  Good Signage on the Building 

IMGA0400.JPG (115669 bytes)  Good easy to read sign on a commuting route.

IMGA0398.JPG (125306 bytes) This is just fantastic and I'm betting unique among the stores I've visited on this trip.  Vehicles describing your business (and not a little magnetic sign).  Go Christine.

IMGA0399.JPG (124485 bytes)  Web site, you have to one too.

IMGA0396.JPG (130711 bytes) Nice colorful table area.

IMGA0394.JPG (126063 bytes) Well thought out, presentable menu and coffee bar.

I'll ask Christine to add to this if she wants and I'm sure she would talk to you if you want.  Share ideas share success stories with the stores you see on this site.  You will help yourself by helping others and talking out marketing ideas.  Get a team of allies who are in the business to bounce ideas off and get a roaster who has new ideas and is up to date.






This site is sponsored by Kaffe Magnum Opus, the coffee roaster.  To contact Bob please call his cell 609-247-9683 or e-mail or  Or call the office at 800-652-5282 and the folks there will find me.