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Creative Catering and Deli

Woodbine, Georgia

The People

Kelly, Tammy and Bobby are three hardworking, pleasant and people oriented staff.  They knew everyone who came into the cafe while we were there, Doctors, Nurses and local business folks.  Some had ordered in by phone, some, like us, came unannounced but warmly welcomed by name, and in a couple of instances the staff asked if they wanted their favorite dish.  Perfect.  Know your customer, recognize them by name and history, and welcome them warmly. Here are the people: IMGA0376.JPG (115996 bytes) The person on the left here is Tammy, who was our server and did an superb and accurate job.  She also came back at the appropriate time to check and clear.  IMGA0377.JPG (114245 bytes)  The person in the center here is Kelly, who was described as 'the boss' by an associate, but I'd call her a fantastic chef and leader.  Her meals are creative and the source of the name of the cafe, well decorated and fill the cafe with aroma's to kill for, which means, appetizing and appealing and aroma's that elicit 'what is that' questions from customers.  Hail Kelly, you have done a terrific job.  I'd love to know what brought you to Woodbine from Savannah, but I'll bet it was important because you would make it anywhere in this profession.  When I said they were not technically a coffee house, one responded, "yup, but we do serve coffee'.  Good training and spontaneous responses.  IMGA0378.JPG (120376 bytes)  The person on the far right is Bobby, the baker in chief.  Who would expect to have a bakery tray brought to you after your meal and that it be filled with a slew of enticing desserts.  I take it the cafe is famous for its "gooey" I'll call it brownie at some risk since it is a gooey, not a brownie, and there are rumored to be 20 or so flavors and varieties baked up by Bobby.  Having the sweetest of sweet teeth myself I took a keen interest in this part of the meal, and pointed lustfully at the Peach Cobbler.  It was gone before my coffee got to the table, almost.  

Who would expect to have a dessert tray served at a Deli, as they call themselves.  Not me, and it was a blowout success.  I'm moved to add this as another key to success.  New stuff, surprises and unexpected events and an ingredient of success.

The Food

The food was scrumptious, a word I have never used before.  I am a coffee fanatic, but I do like my food.  I can tell you the sandwiches I had was terrific, and it looked good.

Red Skinned Potato Salad is enough to get me to go back again and again.  It was good.

Cathy had Chicken Fajita Salad and it was the Chicken Fafita that filled the room with just unbelievable aroma's.  It was finished in no time at all.  

Then there was my Peach Cobbler, which was just perfect, not too sweet, but sweet.

I could only see the other folks get served and all the meals looked good.

As an aside, the house was almost 100% full in a very small town.

The Place

It was well thought out and well decorated.  The paint selection and paint job were expert, and this I know since by Grandfather Pop Johnson was a painter and paper hanger by trade and he taught me how to paint and evaluate my work.  He also taught me how to 'Walk' a 40 foot wood (meaning heavy) extension ladder.  I wish he were still with us as he was a great person who took a special interest in me.

Back to the place.  IMGA0373.JPG (121073 bytes)  It is not pretentious, but very tastefully decorated.  IMGA0374.JPG (129992 bytes) And the behind the scenes look through the pass through in this photo gives an appearance of openness, cleanliness and camaraderie.  Camaraderie?  Yes, because the staff who work behind the scenes are actively involved with the customers.  It was exciting to see the interaction with customers that Tammy, Kelly and Bobby had.  This pass through is a very good idea,

Expose the kitchen to the customers assuring them that the place is clean and well organized.  Only do this if your place, like Creative Catering and Deli, is clean and well organized and I should add, although I don't believe in should, that the staff be friendly and well met.  No gum chewing please.

It was interesting to see again the mix of staff.  Kelly from Savannah, a native Georgian, Bobby from Philadelphia and the suburbs in NJ, where Cathy and I live, and Tammy hailing from Miami, but also from the Rome area of upstate NY.

So, why are you here?, I asked.  Weather is the universal response.



This site is sponsored by Kaffe Magnum Opus, the coffee roaster.  To contact Bob please call his cell 609-247-9683 or e-mail or  Or call the office at 800-652-5282 and the folks there will find me.