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Moka Joe's: Dan and Colleen Kinkade, First Riders to Join the Ride for Independent Coffee Stores

I'm really excited because Dan and his wife are going to ride tomorrow on the Ride for Independent Coffee Houses.  I just received the much anticipated T-shirts and I plan to give one to Dan.  This is great, and perhaps the first step toward broadening the Ride for Independent Coffee Houses.

This is a family operation and second owners.  Dan Kinkade and his wife, Colleen, and daughter and son-in-operate Moka Jo's in a very good location in a food store shopping center.  And a Johnson Drugs.

moka outside sign.jpg.JPG (128557 bytes) Great front corner location with a food store, and a Curves down the street.

moka drive in.jpg.JPG (127119 bytes)  Moka Drive-in another big plus.

Moka wagon.JPG (160993 bytes) Dan Kinkade, owner, had a coffee wagon in his previous home town, Reno Navada.  Its a good idea to use for shows, fairs, street festivals.  It is also a great way to learn the business, the lingo, the drink making and how customer react and what they want, without the large capital outlay.

One of their customers, Lynn, had come in from Curves about which she spoke very highly.  She served herself from behind the counter so the family has close relations with their customers.

The store is attractively decorated:

moka fence.jpg.JPG (122293 bytes) Notice fence along the wall.  And ironically, my wife and I have the Espresso picture in the upper left corner of the photo in our family room.

moka ben.jpg.JPG (121416 bytes) This is Ben, who was fast at work at the drive-in when we first pulled in.  He is a very pleasant anf straight forward person.



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