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Bear Country

I'll post the New York photos soon.  In the meantime the links above give you the cities and towns we rode through.  Here is the map of our first ride.

image_map.gif (90843 bytes)

I  started the ride in Saugerties, New York, just north of Kingston, rode north, crossed the Hudson River at Catskill/Hudson, and rode south the Rhinebeck.  I started the next day in Kingston, and road south through New Paltz and Shawangunk to Daawfkill, a one building town.  There were lots of ups and downs.  From there the next morning I rode through Middletown to the Port Jervis area (I had to skip about 10 miles of the steepest climbs as I was simply not in shape to do them).  From Port Jervis the route took us along the Delaware, through bear country, and we stopped this segment at the intersection of Interstate 80 and the Delaware River.


This is Bear Country

How many times do you see this sign?  Well, believe it.  Cathy and I were riding in the motor home along the Delaware River when to our surprise about 100 yards ahead a Black Bear Cub scampered across the road.  The mother must have been a step ahead and we did not see her.  But the cub looked warm and fuzzy, although we decided not to explore the cornfield into which it ran.




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