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IMGA0062.JPG (122392 bytes) Roberta Romeo is the proud owner of Cape Charles Coffee House and Roberta and her business are doing fantastic.

                         IMGA0059.JPG (120055 bytes) It starts with good people.  Here Dawn is engaged in conversation with Cathy and I and I wish I was a better photographer.  She is about the most upbeat happy person I have ever met.  And very good at what she does.  She describes herself as the best friend of Roberta, and it shows.

Robert would kill me if I put up the pictures of the building that I took.  They simply do not do it justice, so I am hoping Roberta will send me some.  Here is one from their web site:Main dining area  

And another of the mezzanine: Upstairs Dining Area

This coffee house is just fantastic.  It is a restored building with pannelled walls like I've seen only in bank board rooms.  It two stories with a grand stairway to what they call the Board Room on the second floor.  Every detail is done exquisitely.  When Roberta purchased the store, the developer had a slew of contractors working on various details and it shows.  It is perfect.  

Roberta tells me that folks come great distance just to see the building.  Its been written up in the NY Times.  

Once there you have to try the Tomato Bisque and the Caesar Salad.  But leave room for the Coconut Cake.  Roberta is a master baker and it is delicious, moist and rich.   Cathy had Crab Cake, in her words "truly the best crab cake I've ever had".  And Cathy has had a lot of crab cakes.  The sane is true of the potato salad, which I might add she did not share with this writer.   Cathy deserves it for all the work she has put in to insure the success of this trip.

So here you have an owner who moved from Sedona California to open this store, who drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel despite a fear of doing so, purchased a home and then selects what I think is a store in the top ten across the nation, and then learns the business on the run.  Her son and husband are supports but this is Roberta's business.

Every customer that entered the store was greeted with a handshake or more personal salutation when they were obviously well know to Roberta and Dawn.  The service was prompt, the food excellent, the decor I can't say enough about, and a terrific iced coffee, brewed strong so it stood up to the ice through our meal, which I finished with a double espresso.  

Roberta has a great deal of inner strength.  She shared some personal situations which I'm certain created more stress during her opening, but she got it done expertly, and, to her surprise, fifty local friends and acquaintances spent personal time helping her through what I'll call 'the troubles'.

Well I'll be in touch with Roberta to hopefully get some good pictures of the store.  You will love it.

And, finally, the Eastern Shore Coffee Store Owners again raised their head.  I think it was Amy Betti who first referred me to Cape Charles Coffee House, and I thank you Amy.  

Its a pleasure to see fellow coffee professionals helping out each other.  




This site is sponsored by Kaffe Magnum Opus, the coffee roaster.  To contact Bob please call his cell 609-247-9683 or e-mail or  Or call the office at 800-652-5282 and the folks there will find me.