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Island Hoppers Bicycle Repair 

Home of Incredible Service

Referred by Daniel Beasley, Jumpin Java

He is five miles south of the southern intersection of Business 17 and 17.  His phone number is 910-579-1766.  He is very busy in October because normally the season is the best for bicycling.  Look for a ton of bikes out front.

IMGA0215.JPG (121291 bytes)This is Steve Bruce, who without hesitation heard my story and went right to work sizing up my bicycle and getting it repaired.  He is gracious and straight forward.  I asked to have the bike tuned up and he told me when to expect it.  Good Man.

IMGA0213.JPG (121575 bytes)  Steve was referred to us by Daniel Beaslely at Jumpin Jave.  Dan was with me to take my bike off Betsey, when I discovered the problem.  I thought I could repair it there but could not find the required tool - I must have forgotten it. 

IMGA0214.JPG (122132 bytes) Re-installing the new tire and tube.



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