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Jumpin' Java

Daniel Beasley and Sara Misiti

IMGA0210.JPG (117647 bytes)

IMGA0209.JPG (125709 bytes)     IMGA0211.JPG (122922 bytes)      IMGA0216.JPG (127794 bytes)      IMGA0212.JPG (120948 bytes)     IMGA0217.JPG (127083 bytes)     IMGA0218.JPG (127754 bytes)  Starting from Top Left is another picture of Dan and Sara, always upbeat and smiling and hustling.  They purchased Jumpin' Java just about a year ago, and they are developing the business nicely, and they are the reason why.

Their sign is very high and visible over the trees coming up 17 Business, and we spotted it on Sunday Night after dinner at the Mexican restaurant just south of them  The food was very good and the service excellent.  We keep lucking out at restaurants.

This store includes all of the elements you want to see in today's coffee bar: hot spot wi fi, lounge area, private meeting room, cafe area, outside tables, drive-thru, incredible mocha's nicely decorated, excellent iced coffee made with ice cubes of coffee frozen, and good cakes and bagels.

I took one of the iced coffees on the ride with me and it helped me keep up on a very hot, muggy day.

Dan knew of a second bike shop as the first choice was in the mall and closed on Monday.  So he got us Steve Bruce at Island Hoppers Bicycle Repair, down the road a piece, but less than 10 miles.  Steve read the ride flyer and took me right away.   You can download the flyer and give it to your friends ahead on the route if  you wish.

Dan and Sara are a helpful, courteous and  successful couple.  And experienced.  They took a 13,000 mile ride around the states just after graduation from college.  And, as Up the Organization says about decisions, decided to buy this store when the opportunity arose.  Good decision.  

Dan suggested I take the less traveled route 179 to Myrtle Beach, which I did.  I see where all the northerners are going.  There are magnificent developments along 179 from Shallottte to the South Carolina State Line.  Things change at the border as the influence of Myrtle Beach extends to Little River.  The ride was great, but hot.  I still had time to ride the approach road to Ocean Isle and as Dan predicted the view of the Inland Water Way and Ocean Isle was terrific.

After getting the bike repaired at Island Hoppers Bicycle Repair I returned to Jumpin' Java to start today's ride.  Turns out Cathy and either Sara or Dan had predicted I'd do that.

So we can all learn a few things from Dan and Sara.  Take good care of your customers, smile and encourage repeat business with statement like "see you tomorrow".  Always smile, no matter how bad your breakfast is treating you stomach right now.  Smile, "grin and bear it".  These folks clearly do that.  And focus.  When you have a line of customers at the drive-thru, clear the line before engaging in conversation.  Your customers will like it and notice that you do it, and your day will be much better for it.

See also the list of elements included in this store.

My best to the both of you.  I decided today that we need to also do this trip without the bike so that we can concentrate on coffee houses.  Perhaps we'll write a book about it.



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