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North Carolina Underway Sunday 9- 30-2007

entry sign.JPG (115880 bytes)                                                                Route 17.JPG (129862 bytes)

I am delighted to be here where we are really visiting new area's.  I've elected to ride south on Route 17 but I have to say I'd prefer wider shoulders.  Mostly its about 12 inches.  Sunday was fine, but it will be interesting to see what happens with Trucks on Monday.  Drivers are pretty courteous as a whole, slowing or moving left as they pass.  

This is Bear Country

Cathy called about 1/2 hour after I got underway and told me to watch out for Bear, there was a dead one at the entrance to the NC Welcome and Informatioin Center just south of the state line.  And there was.

bear 3.JPG (120815 bytes)  I wish I could say he was just sleeping.  Unfortunately he or she had been we think hit by a car, but the rangers were going to do an autopsy to see what stopped it.  I'd say it was about four or five feet long, very thin hair - its summer hair cut - that will fill in as winter advances.

Spooked me again.  I was actually hitting my bell occassionally as I'm told if they hear you coming they run away.  But if they don't hear you coming they may run right at you.  I was thinking about throwing my oranges and banana's to slow it.  Sometimes it is better to not know what's up.  This was one.

But ... this is the second bear we have seen.  Remember the first was in New Jersey in the Worthington Forest, and that one was alive.




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