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Sunday 9-30-07 North Carolina Underway 

entry sign.JPG (115880 bytes)                                                                Route 17.JPG (129862 bytes)

I am delighted to be here where we are really visiting new area's.  I've elected to ride south on Route 17 but I have to say I'd prefer wider shoulders.  Mostly its about 12 inches.  Sunday was fine, but it will be interesting to see what happens with Trucks on Monday.  Drivers are pretty courteous as a whole, slowing or moving left as they pass.  

This is Bear Country

Cathy called about 1/2 hour after I got underway and told me to watch out for Bear, there was a dead one at the entrance to the NC Welcome and Informatioin Center just south of the state line.  And there was.

bear 3.JPG (120815 bytes)  I wish I could say he was just sleeping.  Unfortunately he or she had been we think hit by a car, but the rangers were going to do an autopsy to see what stopped it.  I'd say it was about four or five feet long, very thin hair - its summer hair cut - that will fill in as winter advances.

Spooked me again.  I was actually hitting my bell occassionally as I'm told if they hear you coming they run away.  But if they don't hear you coming they may run right at you.  I was thinking about throwing my oranges and banana's to slow it.  Sometimes it is better to not know what's up.  This was one.

But ... this is the second bear we have seen.  Remember the first was in New Jersey in the Worthington Forest, and that one was alive.

The ride

Started with a slight lift from the wind but most of the day wan from the East North East or on the nose.  So for the first two hours I was making 13 to 14 mph, but when I turned east to go to Elizabeth City it got ugly and hard on my legs.  Did 36 miles in 2:57, which given the wind was an accompllishment.

Basically I was riding through the 'Dismal Swamp Region' of Virginia  for 8 miles and the rest in NC.  But you would not know it.  A canal runs through the swamp and the old Route 17, pavement and all, are not a bike and hike trail.  I took for 100 yard because some friends of mine asked what I would do if I got in any kind of trouble.  The answer is walk a lot, which I am not at all inclined to do.  So I took a look, and switched to the highways.

Except in NC where there is a short paved bike path parallel to Route 17.  It was nice, but thoughts of bears and snakes were closer than the bears and snakes.  Some times it is better not to know.

At first we planned to camp tonight, as always, but for the first time, the local shop was closed and  the nearest camp was 20 miles out of town and in the real swamp.  So we turned around and I'm writing this on my new computer in my Hampton Inn room, 103 with a view of the pool.  Cathy is sleeping in the motor home because Ruby gets lonely and from time to time has had bad reactions to being alone in a strange place.  I'll go out shortly, but first ...

a long hot shower.  And we are not really roughing it in our new motor home.  But you take funny showers.  Rinse, shut off the water, soap, rinse, shut off the water, soap, rinse shut off the water.  Shave ... there is not luxury showers in a motor home.  It makes me feel good to think of the folks next door in the tent.  But then again they walk to the showers and get a real one every night.  I could too, but  after riding 30 miles or more I just don't feel like it.  So I'll stop complaining and get the luxury shower now.

While on Sassafras Road in farm country we saw lots of Cotton Fields.  "When I was a little bitty baby my mama would rock me in a cradle, in them old cotton fields back home".

cotton.jpg.JPG (142168 bytes)  This one is not in Louisiana near Texarkana, but in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and it looks good.  Hard to see all the clothing that comes from these fields.  I never think of my shirt as an agricultural product, but, lo and behold, it is.

Coffee Houses

Muddy Waters

As in most cities that have a history, there are several distinct area's.  Elizabeth City, NC is normal in this regard.  The coffee stores were located in the historic downtown area and I have to say the Muddy Waters on West Main is a sight to see and it is jumping, without the coffee.  It is busy and Jill the barista was doing a terrific job handling the business.  

Her manager Chris joined her shortly and both of them were humping it.  Good apple pie and good coffee.  Of course it is a hot spot.

This is Jill, from, of all places, Toms River New Jersey IMGA0100.JPG (116771 bytes) This is interesting because our KMO Roasting facility is in Vineland and Millville New Jersey not far from her home town.  Cathy and I regularly travel to Albert Hall in Waretown where the Bluegrass sings and the audience swings every Saturday Night.  Like there are 400 to  500 folks there every Saturday Night.  On good weather nights groups form all over the grounds and parking lots and the Shed and the Porch.  So Jill its like being with folks from home.  Thanks for telling us about it.  And this is Jill running IMGA0101.JPG (123450 bytes)

This is Chris IMGA0102.JPG (114399 bytes) just getting started and this is Chris running IMGA0103.JPG (120632 bytes).  Good man.

And Chris is now on my list of favorite Coffee People.  When we introduced ourselves the first he exclaims is "Kaffe Magnum", the short version of our Company name.  And he says '"you guys are on the coffee map", which is always great to hear, and know.  

I sure hope we can do some work of Audra, whom I have not met, as she is a top draw proprietor and entrepreneur and hires really good people, who smile, converse while working fast, and are just plain friendly.

This trip is designed to find out the traits of successful coffee stores and the one of the first places I would have a new owner visit is this.  Just open in another town and don't compete with a friend or source of information.  In short, don't burn your important bridges, and build an allied group around you.

Audra Loves Coffee.

And I Love Coffee.  Perhaps one day we will meet.  

Tomorrow I ride south yet again in search of successful coffee houses who might help others become Dragon Slayers and David's..

I missed a stop at Coffee Break in Elizabeth.  It was closed on Sunday for religious purposes, which I applaud.


Saturday 9-29-07

Saturday 9-29-07

Skipped Friday.  Waiting.

Funny day.  Made much to do about nothing and lost an hour because I thought UPS had loused up the delivery.  Got to Verizon to install the Broadband card and the service was excellent and at no cost.

The KOA we are leaving finally has yellow water and charges a high price.  We will not stay there again.  KOA's generally do better.  They say people have been living there for 10 years using this water, they think.  They should drink it.

This morning I'm thinking about how to get to see more coffee stores and still meet my time schedules.  It would mean more hub and spoke trips by motor home.  Ride the bike to a point, then spoke out to stores around the site.  Cathy and I will work on the timing of the trip.  The conundrum is the more coffee stores we get to see and meet folks the more time away from the ride.  I/we love to sit and talk coffee.

Then on to the ride.  Did only 31 miles but thought I could go fifty.  Stopped on 17 South with a tail wind, good road and little traffic.  I was cruising at 17 mph.  Sob, that's sob like cry,  not the other SOB.  On 17 saw the first BEAR crossing sign.  Not good, it spooked me.  I was glad to quit early and while waiting for Cathy kept looking behind and around and listening.  Talk about Paranoid.  I figured if he came at me I'd pick up the bike, hold it over my head and hope she thought I was really big and too much to digest in one sitting.  

I picked a route today that was pretty direct, but bad.  Route 165, North Landing Rd, and the Mount Pleasant Rd, together about 16 miles had a white line for a shoulder.  The cars seemed to hold back though and wait for an opening before passing, not counting the yahoo's in trucks with fat tires and big back sides.  And the wannabe Starsky and Hutch or, what was that TV show about running booze?  Oh well.  I remember route 58 was that way when we last visited Virginia.  

Then on 17 for six miles with trucks now, had the same wide shoulder.  You gotta be kidding.  So it was a hair raising ride today.  Glad its over and delighted to finish on a four lane highway with newly laid blacktop and a tail wind.  It should be a great day tomorrow.  I trust the prevailing winds are behind me at all times.

On 165 I ran into my first draw bridge wait for boats.  Turned into a nice meeting place.  The fellow from DOT was weed whacking the side of the road, comes up to me and with a big grin asks where I'm headed.  When I told him Florida he laughed and laughed and in a few moments I was telling his boss about it on the telephone.  Then he asks if I need and money for the trip.  I declined. 

So this is where Woody Allen joins the parade.  'Why did he ask to give me money" and tell his boss I'm on Route 17?  How do I know that lady on the phone was his boss and not an accomplice?  Hey Woody, whatayasay?  I'm Brooklyn born and all those Brooklyn Born folks will understand this.  Always there is a double meaning.  What is is not what is, just what it looks like.

Speaking of Woody, I've coined the term 'Woody Allen Disease' for anyone who spent or is spending 20 or more years in the chair, speaking with your psychiatrist.  I'm not at all making fun of it.  I believe in treatment and therapy.  But I've seen Allen movies and that's where it come from. 

Got lucky too today.  Missed a turn on 165 and a mile or so latter saw a grand opening for Shanghai Coffee and Tea, owned by Victor Liu and staffed today by Clare and Ryan, two fine folks good at their jobs.  Victor is committed to great coffee and realizes it not easy to get going in the retail coffee business.  He's done an incredible job of fitting up the store and has a five year lease.  His folks are in the construction business and Victor has obviously learned it.  It is a fabulous looking shop with tile floors and earth tones throughout.


Thursday 9-27-07

God are we bored.  Waiting waiting waiting, when my 'bod' is ready to go.  Cathy is feeling the same.

We got really good news today in disguise. Our niece Jenny has been ill for several years with diagnosis from limes to Epstein Barr.  A week or so ago she was touching white furniture and left an imprint of her hand.  New doctors have diagnosed chemical poisoning from the use of pesticides in her landscaping business.  Bad, but now we hope they can treat her and we hope the damage is not too bad.

I've also bee thinking about my brother Paul.  He is 55ish and the most gallant lad I know.  He's been in a wheel chair pretty much since he could.  No one has ever diagnosed what he had, but there is not a joint in his body that operates like yours or mine.  He weighs 65 pounds or so, eats banquet Salisbury Steak, and a Dove Ice Cream Bar for breakfast.  Lunch is a plain baloney sandwich and dinner is those red candy strips and a few chips or pretzels.  

What makes him different I don't know.  But he worked for thirty years and retired from the IRS, lived by himself for many years and still does in South Pasadena, California.  

A typical day was to rise at 4 or 5, shower, shave, dress, eat, wheel down to his car, open the door, shift from the chair to the car, lift the chair into the car, head to work, reverse the process, work and then do it again at the end of the day.  

I've always wanted him to make a movie of his typical day, but he did not.  But no one, no one has achieved more than Paul.  He has an inner strength both emotional and rational.  So this ride is a bit for him too.

He is a source of strength for those of us who know him well.  Never complained, although we knew it hurt him to be so configured.  He would size up the task and devise a way to get it done.  He did not do things in order to write a book or get on Larry King, he did them to create a life for himself.

"It" is everything from getting out of bed, getting into the chair, out of the chair into the car and getting food out of the refrigerator.  There is nothing you and I do and take for granted that he has not had to devise a means to accomplish.

I think I'll do a page here for him so that he knows that his life means a great deal to me.  He did it all on his own.  And if he can do that, I can ride a little each day and go a long distance.

Kevin Costner kept hearing "Go the Distance" in "Field of Dreams" and it still makes me eeemootional.  Much of it because Paul went the distance and he still fortunately has a way to go.  Don't we all.

Weather is humid, cloudy and rain.  So the jets from Langley are flying under the weather and about a hundred yards over our camper.  But I have to say I am very glad they are doing what they do.  Protecting us.  

You can see the tight turns they make coming in, and its a thrill to behold.  I can not imagine the forces at work on their bodies.  Must be pretty stressful.

Looking for a copy of "Travels With Charlie", so stopped at Book Rack 1/2 Price Paperbacks.  Thom Barritt and his mother Ethel Barritt have three stores.  He did not have what I wanted but remembered it was in another location so he called and will have it tomorrow for me.  Good job Thom.

He wants to serve coffee so I got his info for the salespeople at work.

Our Dog Ruby talks.  She talks.  And we got it for the first time on a movie.  It is hilarious.  There is no doubt in my mind that it is early Cro-Magnon talk.

So I go outside to capture one of the jets on film, and the wind changed.  So no more 'til the wind changes.


Wednesday 9-26-07

In Virginia Beach which is a pretty place to be actually.  Neptune festival is this weekend and the 'boardwalk' which is concrete is getting dressed for the occasion.  Sand sculptures were the order of the day.

Called EZ Racers to see if they will co-sponsor.  Called Richard Rubenstein, the public relations expert in NYC, left message.

This computer is doing really strange and bad things.  It dropped files for this site and I had to publish from the internet to my machine to reconstruct.  Funny my brother Paul's computer also crashed this weekend.  And the cursor jumps without reason to other lines.  So I am concerned about publishing from it, but will in a minute or too.

Got brakes fixed so I now can stop the bike.  Fat Frogs was the name of the bike shop which is a bit different.  But the people were pretty nice and fixed my bike immediately.  The took me on the spot which is unusual for bike shops.

I have a new one coming from Computer House, our main supplier of Computers and like stuff.  Good People.

Can't find a dealer who sells the Tour Easy anywhere close to the shore in the next four states. 

Rain is coming on Thursday and Friday and we are waiting for the mail and hopefully the new computer.

Push off again on Friday, but my body is now pushing me to ride - this is good sign for my legs.  So I will ride locally.

A life guard today overtook me by surprise and then we both immediately had to climb a bridge.  He stands up and starts pumping away and I had one of those guy things, 'oh yeah' moment.  So I sat back, eliminated any loss of power, and pumped away and overtook him going up hill.  Boy was he surprised - so I got in behind him and let him break wind so to speak.

Tomorrow is Aquarium, and go to coffee stores.  We spotted a few today.

Water also turned y yellow in the KOA, broken lines.  So it was an eventful day topped off by ...

The best darn steak dinner.  Cathy cut the steak into 1 inch squares and woked it in olive oil, then added the broccoli and carrots.  Salt, pepper, dash, teriyaki sauce on top of it all, served hot - delicious.

Good night Irene.


Tuesday 9-25-07

We are planning to be in Virginia Beach KOA until Saturday morning when the ride will continue.  We have mail to receive and bills to pay, and a computer to come and get rid of this clunker.  I need to spend some time on the brakes and the chain and a way to keep water cold in the heat.

Met a person from Arundel MD at the Cherrystone Camp who is an avid fisherman and loves people who are traveling.  I'm the third person who is traveling up or down the coast  who stopped there.  Another person at the site was Bill Smith a 56 year old retired heavy equipment operator from Rome New York.

Here I am now so called retired but it is tough to stop doing what I love.

10 loads of wash.  Nothing to say about it.

Jennifer called with the name of a New York Publicist who I will call tomorrow to check out the cost benefits of publicizing the trip.  Cathy keeps reminding me to keep it simple and remember the multipurpose of the trip.   Jenn was on the set of Cold Case and she was supervising the show writer.  It was a short staccato conversation as someone in the background kept shouting 'action'. 

I am very proud of what Jennifer is doing.  Her daughter Ingrid is a whip.  A very young but real problem solver at 21 months.  Go Ingrid.

We really got lucky today.  We visited Cape Charles 
Coffee House
in Cape Charles, VA.  Both Roberta the owner and her good friend and associate Dawn were just plain old Southern Hospitable.  And they were wide open in sharing their experience.  Dawn is Reiki instructor and trainer.

I'm sure Rob Kraeuter, our KMO associate knows what that is but for those of you who don't, such as I, it is a very old Tibetan hands on healing process, that works.  Dawn used to work in the Hudson Valley, at pretty much the time I lived there.  She worked at Vassar Hospital and lived in Wappingers Falls.

There goes yet another Jet.  The KOA is located in the take off path of the local Air Force Base and those young men and women sure do love to fly fast and LOUD.  I guess they are hitting the after burners and I'm sure they are protecting us right now.  The KOA folks say 'think of the noise as our freedom".  Amen.

And there goes another, and another.  It is sure good to be free.

Actually I was raised on Long Island and lived in the flight path of two Long Island airports.  Kennedy and the other one on the bay side.  That was noise, every three minutes of every day.  But after ten years or so you got used to it.  Kind of like Woody Allen and his psychologists.

Our computer expert, Scott Thomas, Computer House LLC fixed my connection to the office today, and has to reboot our home computer so we can talk.  He is shipping a new laptop to us here and I am hoping he can get it here before Saturday.




Monday, 9-24-07

My goodness, the riding could not have been better in any way.  Tail wind, 80 degrees, sunny, with shade here and there, met good happy people in several towns along the way.  See Eastern Shore.


Without Cathy, my wife, this trip would not be possible.  She is a wonderful person and no man could ask for any thing more.  I love her.  And I appreciate what she is doing for me.

Cathy is driving the motor home.  She is cooking the meals.  She is setting up and breaking down camp (I do this with her whenever feasible), meets me on the route with a change of cloths and lunch and water at just the right time.  And she is training our Ruby at the same time.

Ruby is Cathy's passion.  She is a mid sized Schnauzer (I know I butchered this spelling but Cathy is resting) with a head and will of her own and she is very protective. She is a great loving dog and a pleasure to have on the trip.  She travels well.

Today for example, we broke down camp together, drove to the starting point and I rode on.  Cathy went the food store, drug store and several other places and met me for lunch and then made a surprise visit at the Yellow Duck.  Then she found the camp ground we were headed to and called me with the detail directions from the days route.  



Sunday 9-23-07

Extremely good day to ride.  Sun, shade, tail wind, flat territory, places to buy water.  My legs are much better than a week ago, and I averaged 12.5 mph, including some meandering around time.

Rode south on113, mostly 4 lanes with wooded divider like GSP, but a good shoulder, and houses and churches have driveways on it.  Beautiful ride.  One truck.

113 intersected 13 which goes due south to the tunnel bridge.  Rode to Temperance VA then to camp ground.  CG was 6 miles from 13, a pain.  But the cg is on the bay and very nice.

Jennifer called from Lake Arrowhead and I got to talk to Ingrid for a very few moments and cried a bit as we don't see her much, not enough.  Jeff has checked out the site, Jenn and Jeff and both busy.  Ingrid had DUCK today.  Jenn may go out on strike with the guild on Nov. 1.  Its over the internet and TV downloadables.

Did not meet any coffee store owners.

The six mile ride from 13, up 695 which is a local back country Virginia road, was different.  The housing was mostly mobile homes or very small dwelling units.  Many churches, all white paint.  The local people living in the homes were mostly black, while the cars driving through were virtually all white people.  

There were 10 at least very old homes in a state of collapse and unoccupied.  I'm getting a bit jumpy about dogs and when I heard a dog bark would take off and grab the 'halt' spray.

I was tempted to go into a couple of churches to check out what was happening.  All Southern Baptist.  I figured some good singing was taking place I love to sing, but did have the courage or the guitar.

There were a couple of groups of local folk hanging the front yard and we waved and again I was tempted but did not stop.  I'd love to speak with these folks and talk music.  Perhaps another day.

We are probably going to ditch some things we brought with us.  Extra tables and chairs, heater, fan, stool, some bedding cold weather gear, shoes,  bug sprays, cleaners, extra bungee cords, and some food.  Its too hard to stay organized and have the space useable.  

Most of the above stuff we did not have on the test trip.  For example, a chair carrier on the back ladder.  Got to go.


Saturday 9-22-07

Day off the ride.  Rose late, walked slowly, and got off just before check-out.

Today was a drug and food day and a jump east to the shore.  Tomorrow I'll ride 113 to 13 then due south.

It is a beautiful, 86 degree day, blue skies, and a westerly wind of 8 knots.  

We're camped at the Island Resort off Crabby Is. Rd. south of Ocean City and just north of Virginia.  So tomorrow will be the sixth state of this trip.  NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE and then VA.

We are parked next to a bottle of vodka that is a pretty smart dude.  It has found a couple of humans through which is shouting its joy and elation while playing some new game that looks like bolo shoes.  It now has kids and some women who joined the fun, and it appears to be oblivious.  Well - its only a night.  Think I'll sing Irish music to accompany Ruby on the bark.

Oh, this site overlooks a lake and the sun is setting over it.  Lovely.

Dinner is tilapia, baked potato and salad. 

My backside and legs are grateful for the time off, but ready for tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure I'll be back up to 60 or more miles in a week or so.  So if needed to find camping - I'll be ready.

Arthur, when we cross the bay tunnel bridge we plan to head to Virginia Beach.  Then down 17 all the way to Fort Meyers, if it is ride -able.

I saw a great movie shot today, and will try it.  The camper has a back up camera that has a long view backwards, say 1/2 mile.  So to stand in front of it, taking a shot our the front as we drive will give us the future, present and past at one time.  Its nice to be in the moment.

Bueno  noche.


Friday, September 21, 2007

48 miles.  Saddle sore but finally got in a 45 mile day.  Legs are fine, sore, but I'll ride tomorrow.

Took a Ferry Ride today in Woodland, DE across the Nanticoke River to Laurel, DE.  Its been in constant operation since 1790.  Fortunately, they bought new boats, and, fortunately for Eddy the deckhand, they have motors.  Its a three car ferry and about a five minute ride.  Movie to come.

They steer it with a wire strung across the river; it runs through two pulleys on the boat so all the driver has to do is start the motor.

Eddy said it sinks in the middle when they stop so boats can travel up river, but the draft has to be very low.

It saved me 10 miles or so, and they had an Open sign 6 miles from the ferry so I knew it was worth the trip.  It wasn't open for Cathy.

Rode 404 for 10 miles with a thousand screaming sand and gravel trucks and heard from Scott Thomas and John Ertle about a pension plan.  The toys we have are fantastic.

Except I just got a call from the alarm company for the plant that the fire alarm went off and they dispatched the fire company.  Al and Robert are our firemen tonight - no fire, dirty smoke alarm.

From 404 traveled south on 313 to Federalsburg and I think this neck of the woods were Union sympathizers.  Lot of American Flags along the way and no stars and bars. 

I had a turkey sandwich in the Main Street Deli in Federalsburg, MD which is a small town, but has a General Mills plant.  Also a lot, and I mean a lot of chicken farms.  One of the trucks passed me with thousands of 'fresh young chickens', Allen's Chicken Hatchery - and it made me think about chickens and us.

The coops are big, and, I mean big, without window or apparent ventilation.  The birds must be stuffed in close quarters, but none of them asked for help as they passed me.

At one point in the distant past our human predecessors had small brains too, and probably were dinner for some animal or other, so we have been through it.  And, learned to expand the brain.  And now, with the exception of us, we don't really have any earthbound predators.  Only viruses.

And Cathy and I are having sesame chicken for dinner.  

What can I say.  Ok, I'll say it. "I'm glad I'm not a chicken."  Its inchicken to coin a phrase.

Upon arrival at Pond Trap State Park I immediately ate a Good Humor Toasted Almond Bar.  It was ok, but not at all like the ones I sold from my Good Humor Truck for three summers.  I have a lot of funny stories - just imagine seven Good Humor Trucks lined up coming down the street.  You go to the first and ask for a whammy stick and the driver says, "Ok, but that's truck five back there".  We did it.  It was hilarious at the time and now seems a bit lame.

And I can't tell you how many Good Humor guys got bit in the butt while there head was in the freezer.  I personally experienced three.  My head still hurts.  Bam when you get bit you jump back but of course the freezer is in the way.

Rest in Peach Chris Markey, the best darn Good Humor manager we ever had.


Thursday Sept. 20, 2007.  

Tuckahoe State Park to Easton then to St. Michaels.  The ride was relatively easy, flat, some head wind, traffic, trucks and the like but ok.  Ended up around 30 miles.  See the Daily Routine  

Got off to an early start and meant to ride to the end of the St. Michaels peninsular but I spent rather a good half hour in Coffee East with Rob and his staff, and almost an hour with Mary Dabrowski at Blue Crab Coffee, our customer, in St. Michaels.  

The weather cooperated and was overcast a good portion of the day.  Nice for riding.  Temperatures around 75.  

Looks like it was a good decision to head South in Mid September and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the moderate temperatures stay with us.

We returned to Tuckahoe S.P. for the night as there are no other camps near the route.  Its far easier to ride right from the camp to the route.

So far I've seen lots of corn and I think soy plants.  I means miles of them.  It's really something how big this country is.

Heard from a very good friend today.  Colleen Kelly and I worked together for a few years in the banking business and she did a wonderful job running business development and then our Credit Card Merchant Operation.  When she left the banking business for a short while she helped out in the coffee business in sales.  Now she is tending to her mother in Florida and in the Real Estate Business.  I hope that Cathy and I get a chance to visit.

Colleen is the first person to offer to ride too


 September 19, 2007

Rode Chestertown to Tuckahoe State Park

Nice day, few coffee stores, flat terrain, long rolling hills, no real problems, head wind.  In Centreville I met two very nice proprietors of Coffee Stores.  Rhonda at the Haydens Cafe.  Had some espresso.

Down the block I met Marianne Jackson who is a very energetic and successful business person.  She was very generous with her time.  And she agreed to film some thoughts about the business.  See Marianne

Sept 18 - Left from Woodlands 

and ran into some steep but short hills.  Rt 40 pretty busy but short ride, 5, miles.  Then on 213 from Elkton to Chestertown, 38 total miles for the day, 3 hours and 20 minutes riding time and 4 hours and 30 minutes clock time. 

Had lunch at a great little place in Galena, Dixie Jo's, and I was one of two customer.  Eggs over with bacon and toast.

Cathy and I leap frogged today.  Pretty good since I got cold water here and there.  In our area, I thought the farms were large, but here they are ten time larger.  Lot of silage corn.

The bike did well and so did I for the first 35 miles but I was saved by a long gradual downhill into Chestertown.

Washington College is located in CT and I'll start from it tomorrow.

Weather could not be better.  Started this morning in mid fifties and finished in low seventies, dry, and sunny with intermittent clouds.  Perfect.

There was not a single coffee store today.  So without espresso I had to work a lot harder.  Normally I stock up on espresso' s which helps keep the legs going.  Five eggs is today is not so smart, but they were good, and I thought the protein would help.

Kennedyville, a small 'place' between Galena and CT was quaint, but the highlight were new homes going up for $210,000.  Then came 85 acres, a cottage and pond.  This would be a very nice place to live to bicycle, and I think its closer to Baltimore and Washington than to Phili.  And the yachting is spectacular.  I crossed three 'rivers' which are really small tidal bays, by my description since I'm not at all sure what they really are.  Two were spectacular.  

The Sassafras River bridge abuts a harbor filled with large motor yacht's.  My good friend and sailor friend Bob Trien would be a bit disappointed as he is an avid and first class sailor.  I take it the depth is probably too shallow for a sail boat, Bob.  

The Chesapeake City Bridge I had to walk up since the boys were scraping and pounding the rust off, and painting a bit.  How those fellows walk 200 feet off the water on the outside of the rail is beyond me.  The fellow who was directing traffic on the east side told me I couldn't go over the bridge and I declared my independents, as in Ride for Independents.  He scowled but took it like a man.

Lots of sail boats there, and I guess its the reason for the high bridge.  Very steep.  And on the other side it got steeper.

Brantwood goes on and on, and golfers I saw left something to be desired.  The sign on the golf course was small and generally small means rich, but there were lots of shotguns and pickups in the lot.  It must be the contractors had a charity event or the work is slow.  I did not see many housing developments.  Where we live they are all over the place.  And there were no over 55 developments which leaves me out.

Which is ok because I was not happy at all that there were no coffee houses or coffee cafe's.

So I stopped at Dixie Jo's.  Here is Dixie's and I wish I had the guitar to sing Dixie for them.

IMGA0019.JPG (122267 bytes)    Dixie's  and IMGA0018.JPG (120726 bytes) The Dixie Jo Ladies who were good natured, fast and courteous, and the eggs and bacon and toast were fine and hit the spot.  Thank you ladies.  I made the mistake of not getting you names and hope you will send them to

So I am on the way south.

This will be a great ride and I was thinking today about all the independent entrepreneurs in this country.  Dixie's is a case in point.  They do well and are successful for many reasons, not all the same.  MTC on this in another section, Musing.


September 17, 2007

Plan to leave for Maryland Eastern Shore

We got off at 1:15 pm (Video Leaving) 

We stopped at Beans Coffee House in Woodstown and sat a bit with Ed who is about to open a second location in Alloway.

We made it to Elton, MD no problem and right now we are camped at the Woodlands Camp ground where most of the 'campers' are year round folks who work at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  I hear thuds but Cathy tells me it is Ruby, the dog, throwing her Kong around.

Tomorrow plan to ride to Chestertown down Route 213, about 35 miles.  I'm going to leave from this campground after commutation time.  I am hoping we make it to the country, kind of as the damn connection to the worlds best broadband keeps conking out. Verizon.




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